SHE Awards

Friday, October 26
SHE Speaks
1pm - 3pm - SHE Speaks
3:15pm - 4pm - SHE Awards Panel
4 pm – 5 pm – SHE Speaks Platinum Session

SHE Speaks is a personal growth seminar hosted by Marvie Tschetter-Grossman, Executive Coach and Personal Life Coach of Kick Ass Strong.  The title of her seminar is ‘Become a Kick Ass Dream Manifestor’ and she will be helping women re-discover their dream and find the passion to act on it.  Attendees will also hear from a panel of past SHE Award winners.  Their personal stories will further empower and inspire attendees to dream big and believe in themselves. 

 SHE Speaks tickets to the event are $50. SHE Speaks Platinum tickets are $75 and include a small-group, 1 hour coaching session with Marvie. Purchase tickets here 

SHE Speaks

Saturday, October 27
Social – 4:30 pm | Awards – 5pm
 Nordby Exhibit Hall 


The annual SHE Awards event honors extraordinary women living in and around the Huron community. The awards recipients are recognized for their contribution in the areas of community service, humanitarianism, leadership, and diversity. These women have demonstrated characteristics such as strength, honor and empowerment all while serving as a role model for other successful women.

2017 SHE Award Recipients:
Rhonda Kludt - Community Service & Humanitarian Award
Cindy Niederbaumer - Tomorrow's Leader
Lah Maypaw Soe - Refugee & Immigrant Woman of Excellence
Dakotaland FCU - Empowering SHE

  Click to download the 2018 Nomination Form

*Nominations due September 28, 2018.

SHE Awards presented by Avail Wealth Management

Nomination Categories

Community Service & Humanitarian Award

This award is to recognize a woman who has rendered outstanding service to a local South Dakota community.  She should have a record of sustained giving and has through her efforts, made a significant contribution to changing lives. Areas of service may include but are not limited to:  education, charitable work, philanthropy, environmental advocacy, public policy and servicing senior citizens, youth, the disabled, and underprivileged.

Tomorrow's Leader

This award is to recognize a local woman who has demonstrated excellent leadership in her current career, but also exhibits the potential to reach even higher and/or significantly inspiring or leading others to reach their highest potential. Evidence of successful leadership may include, but are not limited to areas of education, charitable work, philanthropy, environmental advocacy, public policy, and servicing senior citizens, youth, the disabled and underprivileged.

Woman of Diversity

This award is seeking a woman who is from a diverse background and who has paved a way for her culture to succeed and thrive in a new country/community.  She has been instrumental in creating a positive diversified environment in the community and shown success among her culture. She has been instrumental in educating the community about the various facets of her culture while assisting the diverse population in our community.

Empowering SHE 

This award will be given to a business that actively supports females within their workplace.   The business must show support by encouraging the progression of women through mentoring, training, networking opportunities and personal development.  The business must empower women to reach their highest level of personal and professional accomplishments.   The business must be located in Huron or within a 40 mile radius of the city.

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