Shopping, it’s in women’s blood!

Unique Flairs vendor

Women come to the Women’s Expo for many reasons and one of them is to shop! This event gives you an opportunity to get your products in front of over 1,000 women who are ready to spend some money.

We have a great incentive program, Dash for Cash, in place for the ladies shopping at the vending booths!

Not only is the Women’s Expo a good place for selling vendors, but also exhibitors who want to educate or promote their business to women to generate sales leads.

Vendors/Exhibitors who wish to take part in this event are encouraged to provide an eye appealing booth.

2018 Women's Expo Vendor Registration

Coborn's Dash for Cash

Coborn's Dash for Cash is designed to encourage spending at all vendors, as well as, generate excitement among attendees!

There will be a box filled with $1,000 in bills, ranging from $20s, $10s, $5s and $1s. Each time an attendee purchases $50 or more in product at a vendor, she will get a Dash for Cash certificate and go to the Dash for Cash box located at the Coborn's booth. Once at the location of the Dash for Cash box, the participant will get to stick her hand in the box to draw a piece of money.


Shopping Power Hour

Shopping Power Hour will be from 2 pm - 3 pm.  Vendors will offer special discounts during this time so shop 'till you drop!